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Yoo Hoo Talks About Barn Cleaning

Yoo Hoo here, musing again.  My human just finished the ceiling in her tack room and has now gone on some cleaning frenzy in the barn.  Maybe it’s the beauty of the new tack room, maybe it’s the warmer weather, or maybe it’s the barn cat wearing a halo of dusty spider webs, but off she has gone cleaning instead of playing with me.

Yoo Hoo blog 2

My buddies and I (that’s me, the good looking bay) enjoy rolling in the dusty corrals.  Our native soil isn’t the best for a dust free bed and we have done an incredible job spreading the dust throughout the barn.  Until the ceiling was installed, that included all over the tack room and everything stored in it.   She tried sweeping and it looked like one of those zero visibility dust storms coming from the tack room!  Then there was a whirring noise as she sucked up what seemed to be a ¼” of dust and cobwebs in her fancy new tack room.


Thankfully our little rescue kitty has made sure there weren’t any mice to be found.  (By the way, if you have a mouse problem, consider a barn cat to help you out.  They need a home and you need their help.  If you are allergic to my feline friends, please don’t use poison to get rid of your mouse problem, use the sticky tape or traps.  It’s just safer for everyone that way!)

yoo hoo dirtyI’m really lucky my person built me an awesome MD Barnmaster barn to live in.  My brothers and I aren’t very good at wiping our feet, and we enjoy slobbering, rubbing ourselves, and chewing on the stalls.  We don’t care if the mud falls off our coats in our stalls, if we spread our hay everywhere, or leave our shed out coat on the floor.  (Did you read my article on shedding?)  Living in an area that has a snowy winter, we hung out in the barn a lot and made a big mess.  And yet, my human really isn’t mad.

yoo hoo cleanI get away with banging on the walls because the walls are kick-proof and have a life time warranty that I can’t kick through them.  I’m giving it a good try but haven’t succeeded yet!  We can chew because the walls are chew proof!  As to our slobber and dirt, my person just pulls out the power washer and erases all of our decorating efforts.  We horses (and the cat!) all get thrown out in the field and the ruckus begins.  There are a few bubbles left from the mild soap she uses in the power washer and water on the floor, but otherwise we are left with a clean canvas to start on again.  My barn is clean, shiny, and disinfected.  We have never worried about the disinfected part because we haven’t been sick, but it’s nice to know our human could kill off bacteria and viruses because the walls can be washed and don’t have anywhere for those nasties to hide!

I hope you all have the opportunity to sit back and watch your human clean up after you.  A clean stall really is a healthy stall.  No cobwebs, no grungy dirt, and no horse boogers.  I like it and give it three stomps and a tail swish!

Please share how your humans clean your house and their cleaning tips.  And let me know if you would like me to write about any of my other thoughts.  I have a lot of time to think while I graze……….

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