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Built to Last a Lifetime

Construction Integrity

#1 Horse Barn Construction

Experience the Lasting Durability of MD Barnmaster Horse Barns and Stalls

Proprietary Wall Channel

MD Barnmaster proprietary wall channel is the pinnacle of our wall panel system. MDB forms its wall channel (framing) from rolled, galvanized 14 gauge steel. The bottom rail of the wall channel is hot dipped galvanized after it is rolled (using the already galvanized material) for superior rust prevention.

Completed Walls

The wall panel is inserted into the wall channel frame, creating a tough, attractive finished wall section. The wall sections are then welded together to create walls in the dimensions required for each specific barn plan. The wall sections are modified to add doors, windows, grills and other features for each unique barn.

MDBarmaster horse barn construction integrity

Laminated Wall Panels

MD Barnmaster’s laminated wall system is the cornerstone of MD Barnmaster’s basic building design. Our basic 3/4 inch wall consists of high quality 3/4 inch exterior plywood with 26 gauge embossed, high pressure baked enamel coated steel laminated to both sides. The panels are then sealed on the edges to prevent water from “wicking” up the plywood.

Ease of Installation

Almost every component of an MD Barnmaster building bolts together. MD Barnmaster barns can be assembled as “do it yourself” projects or installed professionally at a fraction of the cost of other barns.

MD Barnmaster's Edge in Superior Construction for Livestock

Learn why our superior construction and design specific for Livestock makes MD Barnmaster stand out.

MDB Product MD BarnmasterOther Prefab Barns
Bolt Together Walls, Connector Columns, Gables, and TrussesWalls are Bolted together with Connector Columns and a Cover to Hide the bolt system. To add or move walls, remove the column cover and unbolt the walls. Then move the walls and bolt back together. Makes it easier to move walls around.Walls slip into a "U" channel and attached with screws. The "U" channel is welded to square tube columns. The columns are redheaded into the concrete and attached to the roof system. If you would like to add or take out walls you would have to dismantle the roof system and slide out the walls. This makes it a little more complicated to change out walls.
Weep Hole SystemWall panels rest on a 3/8" tab (weep hole) at the bottom channel to allow moisture/water to escape.Walls rest on channel, moisture can not escape, it potentially can rot the plywood core.
Wall FrameworkLaminated Walls are Enclosed in 14 Gauge Roll Formed G-90 Steel; Channel is rolled "C" Shape for Stability & Safety; Channel is 2" wide by 2" Deep with an Additional 1/2" Bend for Added Strength, Wall Channel Made from 7-3/4" Wide Slit Coil, More Steel, More Strength.Channel is 2" wide by 1-1/2" Deep Wall Channel Made From 6-1/4" Wide Slit Coil. Weak Channel.
Mitered Welds (Wall Channel)All Wall welds are mitered welds; 45-degree angle for smoother edges and strength. With this design MD welds all angles all around the channel, corners are closed which also helps keeping Critters Out!All wall welds are welded at a 90-degree angle. The edges are not as smooth, and the strength and durability is compromised due to the angle of the wall channel coming together. Wall Corners are Open Top and Bottom.
3/4" Laminated panelExterior of wall - 26-gauge Painted & Embossed steel - 3/4" Exterior Plywood-Interior of wall - 26-gauge Galvalume Textured Steel Sheet. MDB seals the edges of the plywood to help eliminate wicking.Bottom of Laminated Panel is NOT sealed.
Roofing MaterialMD Barnmaster uses Box Rib Roofing. Which is stronger and looks nicer then competitor PBRCompetitor Uses PBR Panels.
Door GuidesNew "T" Style Guide that the Door Bottom Slides Into. Door Can Not be Lifted Off and Has a Flat Surface if Stepped On.Old Style "U" Shape that the Door Sits In. Door can be Kicked Out of Guide Which Could Cast a Leg. Also has a Straight Edge Sticking Straight Up.
T-StrapAttached to all Gables when they meet the walls to help keep moisture out and walls inline. It is added support to the structure.None; Gables interlock with "U" Channel; Hard to replace.
Our Barns are Built to Last

MD Barnmaster Construction Integrity

MD Barnmaster barns/building kits are expertly designed, factory-made, and conveniently delivered to your construction site, fully prepared for assembly by a certified building contractor. Inquire about our top-notch installation services provided by our authorized, licensed professionals. Our MDB barns come with stamped engineering drawings, but please note that it is the buyer’s responsibility to verify compliance with local building codes and secure any required building permits.

Top reasons to choose MD Barnmaster

  • 14 gauge galvanized steel frame built to last a lifetime
  • MDB’s exclusive, certified leak-free roof panels
  • Proprietary wall channel, laminated steel wall panels
  • Zero fire spread rating on all laminated steel wall panels
  • 40 Year paint system on all exterior walls, roof, trim, facia
  • Kick proof/chew proof lifetime warranty
  • Heavy wind and snow load safe
  • America’s #1 brand since 1975
  • Buy American Act Compliant and backed by industry-leading warranties
Lifetime Kick and Chew Proof
Lifetime Kick/Chew
Proof Warranty
Zero Fire Spread Rating
Zero Fire
Spread Rating
Pre-Engineered Modular Icon
Modular Versatility
Easy Sanitizing Icon
Easy Sanitizing
Prevents Disease
40 year paint system
40 Year
Paint System
Heavy Wind & Snow Load
Heavy Wind
And Snow Load

1-stop design, manufacturing, and delivery. Construction & financing available.

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