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Maximize Space and Versatility

Barn Loft or Barndominium: A Stylish and Versatile Building Solution

Elevate Your Barn with a Loft Living Space or Barndominium

Transform your barn into a versatile space with MD Barnmaster structures and components. Enhance it with a loft living area or create a stunning barndominium. Unlock the potential of your barn:

  • Maximize space and versatility
  • Elevate your barn with a loft living space
  • Utilize MD Barnmaster barn components for a dual-purpose structure
  • Prefabricated for convenience
  • Pre-engineered for efficiency
  • Delivered to your job site, ready to assemble, saving you time, labor, and money

Consult your local contractor, architect, or design team. Alternatively, reach out to an MD Barnmaster dealer to bring your dream barndominium or barn loft to life.


Oregon Barn with Loft


Gable Barn with Kitchenette

Built with the same modular technology and safety features as our barns and buildings.

The “Barndominium” features the same modular technology as our barns and buildings for endless floor plan living space and barn combo options. Our innovative insulated wall panels provide a climate-controlled environment and feature the same zero spread fire rating as our barns. Like all our modular barns and buildings, we can customize your Barndominium to meet your specific needs and tastes.

Barndominiums and Barn Lofts are available for locations where building codes will permit this type of structure. (Check with your state’s building codes.) We can provide the structural materials and components to all States when working with 3rd party building contractors, which can ensure the final structure meets the local State and Federal tenant improvement building code requirements.

Conceptual Barndominium Living Space Barn Combo

Ready to build your dream barndominium or barn loft?
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