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Health & Safety Features

MD Barnmaster Barn Health & Safety Features

MD Barnmaster Barns Provide Your Horses and Livestock a Safe and Healthy Environment

Barn Safety Features – Safety Matters! One wrong kick in a cement block barn can sideline your horse for months, or even forever. A broken stall board or protruding nail – from a kick in a wood barn – can do the same. A closed-in barn with poor ventilation and bacteria- and virus-harboring wood will quickly spread an illness through all your horses. One chewed wire or errant spark, and you have (heaven forbid) the horseperson’s worst nightmare, a wood barn fire that rages out of control within a few short minutes. These injuries, illnesses and fires aren’t rare, and aren’t scare tactics, they’re real dangers that arise from the daily challenges of keeping horses inside.

fire safetyZero Fire Spread Rating

Zero Fire Spread Rating. Because steel encases the only wood (fuel) used in constructing an MD Barnmaster barn, oxygen cannot reach the fuel. Fire needs both fuel and oxygen. Any fire in your MD Barnmaster barn will burn out without spreading across your barn like it will in a wood structure. Unfortunately, we have all heard of the horrible barn fire disasters that occur in the horse industry. You don’t need to risk having that happen to you and your horses.

chew proof icon

Lifetime Chew-Proof Warranty

Lifetime Chew-Proof Warranty. MD Barnmaster barns have no wood accessible for your horses to chew. We have all seen wood barns and stalls after they’ve had horses in them for a while. What may start out as an attractive wood structure soon ends up as a partially eaten maintenance nightmare. Wood chewing also presents health issues and many believe leads to cribbing, a serious stall vice.

kick proof and chew proof barnsLifetime Kick-Through Proof Warranty

Lifetime Kick-Through Proof Warranty. MD Barnmaster’s unique wall design prevents horses from kicking through your barn walls, which protects both your barn investment and your horses. Plywood surrounded by steel can withstand any horse kick and we guaranty it for as long as you own your barn. Your horses may dent the walls, but they will not kick through. Imagine the terrible leg and foot injuries this prevents. MD Barnmaster walls also flex slightly when kicked. The entire wall absorbs the shock from the kick, not your horses’ legs.

healthy iconHealthy Horses

Wood barns are almost impossible to keep clean and disinfected. Unless they are finished on the interiors with smooth surfaces, the exposed wood trusses, rough sawn treated posts and other exposed lumber attract birds, pests and dust. Wood harbors harmful bacteria and disease that could endanger your horses’ health. Many surfaces are inaccessible. Even accessible surfaces absorb dirt and bacteria. MD Barnmaster barns are finished with smooth surfaces straight from the factory. Our walls do not harbor harmful bacteria and they can be cleaned with a disinfectant of your choice keeping your horses free from debilitating germs, bacteria, and disease.

no cuts or scrapes iconNo Cuts/Scrapes

MD Barnmaster’s standard proprietary wall channel has no slivers or sharp edges to pull manes and tails or scrape your horses’ hide.

easy sanitizing horse barnsEasy sanitizing – low maintenance

Simply pressure wash your barn as needed to keep them looking new. There are no unreachable spaces to house and conceal spiders and other vermin in your MD Barnmaster building.

Snow Load SafeHeavy Wind and Snow Load Safe

Our barns are engineered to be the safest and strongest in the market, and out-perform the average barn in handling heavy snow, high winds and jarring earthquakes.

House your horses in an MD Barnmaster, and you’ll be amazed how much healthier and happier they are on a daily basis. This is horse housing the way it’s meant to be, taking account of their natures and their needs, and providing a safe, comfortable, durable barn for them to thrive.

MD Barnmaster. Build one for your life with horses… today, tomorrow, for a lifetime.

If you can dream it, we can build it. Contact MD Barnmaster today…

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